On the Topic of Bulettes

I've only recently discovered Jeff's Gameblog, an excellent blog devoted to my first RPG love and more. (So I've been living under a rock... sue me!) I was reading Jeff's post on The Incomplete Pictorial History of the Bulette and was struck by the omission of my favorite graphical representation of the "land shark." (I know, I know, the title said it was incomplete...)

Here it is, from the pages of S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks:

I think this was my favorite illustration from S3 from the first time I flipped through the module. I loved Jeff Dee's work on the early TSR products, and this one in particular sparked my imagination. I loved how unceremoniously the bulette had been dumped from the hold. And I'd love to see Dee's take on what the scene would look like a couple of rounds later - when the bulette awoke and decided to take out his misfortune on the closest living things at hand: the PC's! (Note the wizard in the right side of the illustration - probably the smartest member of the party, and he's already running for the hills...)