The Rule of Old's Cool

There's been a lot of talk (debate? ranting? wailing and gnashing of teeth?) lately about The Rule of Cool. Now, I'm not about to step into the middle of that mess (it would seem to me to be a lot like playing Frogger, and I really hate that game), but I will offer the rule I follow when it comes to games; a rule I call:

The Rule of Old's Cool

Simply put, the Rule is this: Gamers just want to have fun.

RPG's weren't created as a mental exercise. They weren't created as a form of torture. They were created to enhance the fun of a bunch of mid-west wargamers. These folks wanted to have fun - and this was a way they invented to achieve that goal.

It doesn't matter if the games are about monster bashing and treasure taking. It doesn't matter if they're about total immersion in the story. It doesn't matter if they're about imagining everything. It doesn't matter if they're about pushing miniatures around.

It only matters that they're about fun.

As gamers, we all come together to get away from the tedium of the day-to-day grind, to hang out with our friends (or meet new people), and to - most importantly - have a good time. Whatever style of play that fosters that is the style that works. Nobody outside of that group of people can dictate what that is, nor should they try.

So, GM's, find out what your players want; what's fun for them. Players, ask your GM what he hopes to get out of your games. Work together. Discover your own style. Play. Enjoy. Repeat as necessary.

That's my Rule. It's how I've always approached RPG's. I guess you could say, that's just how I role-play.

So this is what it's all about: Gamers just want to have fun. (Cue Cyndi Lauper track... "They just wanna, They just wanna, Ohhh...")


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