Fear The Joe Goodman, For He Is Mighty And Knows Stuff

I won't descend into the latest teacup tempest, since I generally try to avoid that sort of thing here in Rust Monster-land. But Alzrius' deleted ENWorld post, thankfully reposted by JoetheLawyer at his Wondrous Imaginings blog, pretty much echoes my own thoughts on the topic. (And in such a wonderfully sarcastic tone!) If you've been following this topic on Teh Interwebs, you should go read it. (Hey, it garnered a Sunday post from me - that alone should tell you something. /wink)

Go forth, and fear The Joe Goodman!
. . . . .


  1. Oh, my. That was rather pointed, wasn't it? :D
    Word Verification-
    * Fecket: The only sane response to the non-issue of the destruction of a brand name survived by the early offspring and their descendants.

  2. Teacup Tempest may be the best metaphor I've seen in a very long time.


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