What Is It They Say About Best-Laid Plans and Rodents?

Today's post was supposed to be notes covering the Underlord of Cold Mountain campaign setting. Note how I said "was supposed to be."

As it turns out, I don't have these scanned yet, so they won't be getting posted today. On the upside, however, I just happened to have this puppy on deck. While waiting to be posted, it's been jumping all over me, yipping and drooling; I'll be glad to be rid of it. (Okay, admittedly I may be carrying the "puppy" metaphor a bit far there.)

This dungeon's simply called Lair of the Warlock. It was created to serve as an introductory adventure for starting PC's. Like Dungeon of the Dragon Lord, this one lacks the stats for the Big Bad (a magic-user by the name of "Maczaar"), but any third- or fourth-level M-U NPC should do.

. . . . .