Speaking of Dice...

While looking for a good image to use with the Zen and the Art of Dice article, I stumbled across some images that reminded me of my old TSR dice. These sent me on a short journey down memory lane.

I blame the following products.

I can't look at the wickedly cool, stylized imagery of these old "Dragon Dice" packages without feeling a deep pang of nostalgia. They're just so cool, and seeing them instantly transports me to 1982, where I'm standing at the counter of B. Dalton Booksellers and agonizing over which ones to buy. (Ultimately, I bought a set of each of the ones below, plus a couple differently colored sets. Yes, my dice addiction started early.)

I still have all of them - including some I added in the past few years and those that came with my Gangbusters and Star Frontiers boxed sets, and even those from my Moldvay Basic D&D set. (More on these, tomorrow!) I don't use them anymore - as much as I love them, they really aren't the greatest dice - but I occasionally take them out and admire them, recalling fondly the period of my life they represent.

. . . . .