From the Vault: Temple of the Moon-Worshippers

I ran some real Monty Haul games back in "The Day," (aka the early '80s) but it seems like I wasn't much better during my mid-90s Dungeons & Dragons renaissance - in fact, I may have even been worse.

I was glancing through this dungeon while compiling the scans, and I realized just how much the treasure-to-hazard ratio is skewed. Heck, in one room, there's a gem worth 20,000 gp and the only thing guarding it is a giant spider. It's practically a giveaway. I almost think I made this dungeon solely to pump up low level characters. (Something I was known to do when we just needed to get to higher level play.)

It's also possible that this was just a victim of poor dice rolls, as it appears to be one the many dungeons I created in the '90s using the random dungeon creation rules (from Moldvay Basic D&D, I believe, with the treasure tables from the Rules Cyclopedia). I tended to let the dice fall where they may, and it wasn't unheard of to have rooms with nothing in them but treasure.

Either way, I wouldn't recommend running this dungeon as written - it could use a little beefing up, even if just by adding some really challenging wandering monsters.

Anyway, here's another from my mid-90s BECMI D&D campaign: the Temple of the Moon-Worshippers: